RABELS FURNITURE realized many projects in buildings with different designation and character. The categories specified by us are “Hotels, Restaurants, Amusements”, “Shops, Offices, Recreation” and “Individual furnishing”. In these categories we present briefly a part of our realizations, outlined by innovation, original project and non-traditional solutions and materials. The selected projects illustrate the abilities of RABELS FURNITURE to realize large scale sites as well as boutique interiors.

Hotels, Restaurants, Amusement

The projects realized by us in this category are outstandingly varied as a style and materials, with high requirements for quality of preparation and fitting.

Shops, Offices, Recreation

This category includes sites, which give an idea about the possibilities of RABELS FURNITURE to realize projects of large scale, necessitating very high quality and precision of assembly.

Individual furnishing

We emphasized here on the most complex and “crucial” element of the individual living furnishing – the kitchen. We suggest series, developed by us, which by style and utilized materials and treatments, in our opinion, cover very wide range of client’s wishes.